Friday, January 13, 2012


I know, I know....It has been far too long since I have blogged. I apologize. Life has been busier than normal. (Not sure how that's possible, but I guess it is!) I titled this thankful because that is how my heart feels. Overflowing. There have been many updates financially since my last post. First off, just a heads up that we haven't been able to get our fundraising thermometer to work, so there is more money in our adoption account than we are showing at this point. We haven't even been able to put in the $880.00 donated through the Darcy Holsopple Photography raffle. So yeah, even though you can't see it, it is there and for that money we are THANKFUL! Secondly, random people here and there have mailed us checks or dropped us some cash. For that we are THANKFUL! Third, My Parents had a stocking for our new family member and in it was some unexpected money towards the adoption. So sweet, so cute and for it we are THANKFUL! Fourth, We had our final family Christmas last weekend in Ohio. We usually donate to something such as the Heifer project rather than exchanging gifts. This year, unknown to us, they planned behind our backs. :) We had no idea what they had been up to, but rather than donate to an organization they donated it to us. Totally surprised us and blessed us! For this we are THANKFUL! And lastly I got some great news from our  home study social worker. Our original home study cost (we have to do 4 and an orientation in Indy) was an estimated $6,700.00! Holy ridiculousness! However, through the way this agency handles their home studies, our cost has been dropped to and estimated $3,500! HOLY COW! That is a pretty big drop! Praise God! For this we are THANKFUL! To say the least each and every one of these things has blown us away and blessed our hearts! Just another reminder of God's faithfulness and provision! Thank you! All of you! To every person who has said a prayer, donated or encouraged us. For you all, we are THANKFUL!


  1. Squeak!! I am so excited for you my dear friend!!!!!! Love you :)

  2. THANKFUL for YOU & for you guys for all of these blessings & that you can see how God is providing for yous!