Wednesday, August 29, 2012


As you know, last week we had the Jewelry Party fundraiser that my friend Donna had for us. It was SUPER FUN! After all of the information and demonstrations were done we just sat around and talked and laughed our rears off for hours. Literally hours. It was wonderful! We made $150 from the sales and we were also given a $100 donation at the party, so I would say it was quite successful! $250, 3 hours or so and a whole lot of laughs! What a great night! Thanks to all of you who supported us through this!

Now, onto where our hearts are at....
Paper work, paper work and more paper work. Phone calls and emails for clarification on previous paper work....aaaggghhhh....I am learning more patience than I have ever had to before. I just want this to! And then today I was at Walmart with the boys. We were going to buy bananas and I wanted green ones. There was a nice man filling the banana stand with bright yellow ones, but I wanted green. (I know, this sounds like the beginning of a Curious George episode, but hang in there...) So, I asked the nice man if he had any green ones and he said he would run back to the back and check. I thanked him and planned to just wait patiently. As the man walked out of the way the sight behind him caught my breath. I saw a sweet girl, about 3 years old, twirling in her pretty green dress. She looked so sweet, so happy, so innocent. I started to cry. Why you ask? Because this little girls skin was the color of dark chocolate and her moms was a chalky white. That is going to be me soon....I want it so bad. Our daughter may not yet even be born, but my heart longs for her. And this little girl today was so happy, so normal, so loved. I could tell. It warmed my heart to know that children are not only getting a fighting chance at having a family, but children are learning what it means to be loved, learning God's love. As I was processing all of this...crying of course...the nice man returned holding my green bananas. I thanked him and took them from him and tried not to let him see me cry....I am pretty sure he thought I was nuts. No sir, I was not crying because you found my green bananas.
Andy was saying how amazing it has been for him to be able to pray for her, long before she is even born. She is likely not born yet to this day. It isn't that we are praying for her as she is in a hard state of life, we are getting to pray for her before her life has even begun! For love, protection, hope, health, name it. We are blessed to be able to cover her in prayer before her existence. Awesome!
Someday, someone will see me walking through Walmart with my dark skinned daughter and hope will fill their heart....I can't wait!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jewelry Party Fundraiser

Over the past years I have been helping out with the Wakarusa Children's Resale. It is a huge ministry that provides the opportunity for people to buy and sell their used children's items at an amazingly cheap price. It helps both the sellers and buyers. I love it! Well, during this time, I have gotten to know a sweet lady named Donna Love. (I just called her a lady...she's like my age...does that make me a lady?! Yikes, I might be getting old. ) :)
Anyhow, all of that to say, she offered to have a Premiere designs Jewelry party for us as a fundraiser! How sweet! So, on Aug 20th You all are invited to a party/fundraiser at my house. Aug 20th at 6:30! If you can't make it but would like to purchase some Jewelry please comment and I will talk to Donna about getting information to you so you can decide what you would like to order! Really cool jewelry for a really great reason! Hope you all can come!!

One other thing...A huge blessing...We needed to have some CPA work done for our agency and we had a local guy Regan Lehman do it for us. I emailed information back and forth for a day or two and voila! He had it done in less than 48 hours and he didn't charge us a thing! Free!! What a great guy! (and a nice lady named Angela helped us out there too!)  If any of you locals are looking for an accountant I highly suggest you check him out. I didn't tell him I was going to do this, but the man deserves a plug here. We are so thankful!!