How you can help

~Prayer! We know this will be a long and hard journey so we could use your prayers. Things to pray for...
-God's hand to be on our future family member(s)
-God to prepare and protect our hearts
-God to provide the financing

~Financial Support.  As you might have already guessed, adoption is expensive.  The average cost of adoption is $20,000.  However, we know God is bigger than any dollar sign.

-You can donate by simply clicking on the donate button on the right of the page and following the simple instructions.

-If you do not have a debit or a credit card to donate with the donate button on the right, you can email me at and we can make arrangements.

-Please keep an eye out for future raffles and fundraisers.  If you have a service or item you wish to donate for raffles please contact via email Feel free to email any fundraiser ideas as well.