Why adoption?

Well, it really is a long story that happened over a very short period of time. To make it quick, I will just touch on some main points. Andy is a thinker and God works on him through brainy types of things. I am emotional, so he gets my attention in that way first. For me (Erin) it started when I saw a picture of a starving child online. The caption below it  read, "This is somebodies baby." It took my breath away and broke my heart in a way I have never known. For Andy it began while listening to an online message at work. We started in separate areas and some time later ended up in the same place. Adoption. From Ethiopia. While in the middle of this process in our hearts we got our confirmations through Nahum. He saw a feed the children commercial on T.V. and quietly said, "Mommy I would be so sad if I had no food to eat. I want to go there with you." He then proceeded to tell me how he wanted to give them his toys and clothes as well. So, he emptied his piggy bank and bought enough items to fill two shoe boxes for the feed the children program. While looking for shoe boxes with his daddy he said, "Daddy, I think you and mommy should fill shoe boxes for their mommies and daddies." Andy explained to him how most of the kids he saw on T.V. don't have mommies and daddies. To which he responded, "Well, we should give them some. You and mommy should be their mommy and daddy." And so the process began. Our hearts are in this for the long haul. Through the good the bad and the ugly. Throughout the years Ethiopia fell through due to problems within the country and we have since landed on domestic adoption. The title of the blog is a home for durye because durye is "orphan or homeless child" in Amheric. We kept that as our web address and we have just changed the title to fit the changes in our process. Our only hope in getting through this is trusting in the Lord. This is too big of a thing to handle on our own. So hand in hand with the one who adopted us we walk.