Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering to pray

When you have a biological baby, you have daily reminders to pray for that child. Your tummy grows, you feel sick, you get tired....and the list goes on. There isn't a second that goes by that you forget about that child. You remember to pray with each kick or hiccup. But when you adopt you don't have those minute by minute reminders. Sometimes it's easy to forget to pray for the child in the midst of crazy days. I don't like that! Andy and I wanted to have those minute by minute reminders to pray for our little one so we decided we would look into getting rings that would serve as that reminder. Every time we see the ring we would pray. We looked online and found some we liked, but the was hard to justify. Until....This weekend we were on a date night and we went to Meijer. They had all of their diamond, stainless, silver and gold jewelry 75% off! Andy and I both found rings we liked and together they totaled $20.00! That, is doable! I was so excited and felt really blessed that we were able to find decent rings for such a great price! They are bling finger quality at a green finger price! (Get it? Cause cheap rings turn your finger green?) :)
When Nahum saw our rings he asked us why we got them. We explained it to him and he wanted one too! I thought it was so sweet. So, we are making him wear this cheesy, cheap, dentist treasure chest, ring for a week. If he can keep it on without loosing it we told him we would buy him a nice one. I found one online that is stainless steel with a cross cut out and it's even a boys ring! ( Way more masculine than this one lol! He thinks it looks like his papa's class ring, so he thinks it's cool anyway.)
Now that we have a daily reminder, a minute by minute reminder to pray I feel even more attached to this child who most likely isn't even born yet! How amazing that we can cover this kid and his/her biological mother in prayer before he/she is even born and orphaned!

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  1. This is beautiful! What a great idea & so true! That is so wonderful that Nahum wants to be like you guys & have his own ring! This baby is gonna be sooo loved when he or she arrives in your family!