Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nahum's surgery update

I know this is an adoption blog, but it is also a way for people to keep up with us in general. I thought it would be a good way to give everyone an update on Nahum after his surgery.
If you didn't know, we have been trying to get Nahums tonsils and adenoids out for quite some time but we couldn't ever keep him healthy long enough to get it done....for instance, he had strep 4 times in 5 weeks and then 2 ear infections....So the Dr had us in quarantine for 2 weeks before and on antibiotics for 3 weeks before in order to keep him healthy. PTL he stayed healthy!
On the day before his surgery he was really nervous and kept asking questions and telling us he wasn't going to do it. The morning of surgery we had to be there really early so we just woke him up and left. He did really well up until we got into his pre-op room. He panicked thinking it was the operating room. Once he figured it out he did fine.
The Dr came in to check on him before they took him back and said his ears needed drained but there was no need for tubes. For some reason this translated to Nahum as "you don't need surgery" So he marched out of the room and followed the nurse back to O.R. like a big boy. All. By. Himself!
Surgery went well and quickly. When we got back to see him in the recovery room he was so groggy and sad. :( He kept asking to go home. Poor kid. He was refusing liquids so they made us stay until he drank 4 ounces of sprite....this took 2 hours....
Once we got home it was a rough day/night. He would panic every time we asked him to drink or take his medication. I think part of it was him still coming off of his anesthesia. He did however want to try EVERY food item we had purchased special for him. I NEVER buy 90% of the stuff we let him have so he thought he was pretty cool. He would take one bite of something and then move on to the next. It hurt him too bad to eat, but he wanted so badly to try he did. Here is his food log for the past 24 hours
3 oz watered down cf coke
2 licks of a popstickle (as he calls them)
2 Tbs ice cream
3 Tbs jello
2 Tbs pudding
2 Tbs instant mashed potatoes
2 oz chicken noodle soup
2 more Tbs chicken noodle soup
2 Tbs pudding
1 Tbs watered down cf coke
1/4 c overcooked mac n cheese
1 tbs apple juice
a few more licks of a Popsicle
3 oz apple juice
2 oz cf coke
1/4 c mac n cheese
1/4 cup cool whip (gag me)
5 mini marshmallows
1/4 c overcooked pasta with Alfredo sauce
3 oz coke
meds~ all through the night
1/8 cup cream of wheat made with choc pediasure and Greek yogurt
3 oz cf coke
1/8 c spaghetti o's (makes me want to vomit!)
1/8 cool whip
1/4 ice cream
1 oz cf coke
1 oz apple juice

What a nasty diet!! Obviously he isn't eating a ton, but at least he is eating often lol! Keep the prayers coming. The dr said first week is critical for us to help him heal. If he doesn't drink  A LOT he will end up back in the hospital. We don't want that!

the car ride there with his GINORMOUS dinosaur
After he got his mini scrubs on in the pre-op room they got  booties and a hat for his dino...forgot a pic of the hat :)

right when he first woke up in recovery

Watching tv in recovery because he refused to lay down.

He kept asking to go home. Poor kid.

snuggling daddy ...and that huge dinosaur lol!

a few licks of his popSTICKle

runny mashed potatoes anyone?

chicken noodle soup....what's next?

No, I am not sick is this? :) Ah well, at least he is eating.

late night movie time

so excited about his balloons from his school friends. I love his school!

 Dunno who likes em more, Olie or Nahum

The balloons came with this dog. He hasn't put it down yet!

This is his little set up in the living room. He is so tired!

He loves those stinking balloons! ;)


  1. He is looking great!! Love how resillent kids are! OH and how different is that cool whip he is eating than the marshmellow put on his sandwiches? Doesn't really surprise me he likes it. haha.

    1. Ironically he asked me to put some mini marshmallows on top of it. I got a stomach ache just watching him eat the few bites he did eat.

  2. I have to laugh how that ginormous dinosaur is in almost every picture. I especially like the one where he is using it as a pillow. So sweet. Where did you get it? Braylon loves dinosaurs. Praying for a speedy recovery! Sounds like he was a trooper!

    1. We got it online. It is a Melissa and Doug one. It wasn't the cheapest, but we had told him he could pick out ANY stuffed animal he wanted for his surgery....I had no idea he would pick one as big as him lol!