Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fundraiser Instructions

Ok, this new coupaide fundraiser is a great one, but there are a number of steps to go through in order to finalize it all. I figured it might be helpful if I gave you super detailed, step by step instructions. I know not everyone is computer savvy and this can get confusing.
Here are your directions

~Go to or go to our blog and click on the coupaide fundraiser box on the right and our site should come up.
~click on the red button that says BUY NOW
~Now you have to register. Fill in the blanks by making up a user name and password. (They will email you a confirmation)
~ Now, use the user name and password you created to log in.
~Once logged in you purchase however many deals you want.
~ Once you purchase you gift card it says to print it.
~ Print it (There is no button to print, so just print by hitting Control and P at the same time)
~ Go to the website it tells you to go to under the "redeem at:" portion (It should say
~click the tab that says redeem your gift
~enter in your zip code in the zip code box
~ Enter how many miles you are willing to drive for a restaurant in that box (I did 30 and a TON came up)
~ Then you should show that you have $50 (or however many you bought) to spend and you can start scrolling through a list of gift cards you want to buy. For instance you can buy a $25 one for      La Esperanza and a $25 to the Emporium or split it however you want to between the restaurants listed. There will be pages of them and each restaurant offers 3-5 different price ranges to purchase.
~Select how many, of which ever ones you want and add it to the cart. Continue shopping if you haven't spent your full amount.
~Once done "shopping" you select "check out"
~Now, enter in your email and make a password (can be same as the one you used at but doesn't have to be.)
~Fill in the blanks on your email...blah blah blah...Make sure you check the box that says you read their policies....blah blah blah...
~Print each gift certificate. You have to do each one you order/buy individually
If you are wanting to purchase more than one, but not all at one time, please email Matt at   and tell him how many you want to purchase and he will send it to you via email. They are trying to correct the problem of not being able to order more than once, however if it is not corrected and you would like to purchase another gift card use this route!

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