Monday, April 16, 2012

Childrens Items Garage Sale

My sweet friend Amanda came up with a great fundraising idea. She is even planning it all out so I don't have to do it! How awesome is she?! Here's the scoop. If you have any children's items you are willing to donate (anything from clothes and toys to furniture and anything in between) she will come pick them up from you, price them and we will sell them at a garage sale at my house the second weekend in May! Here is how you can help. If you want to donate just email Amanda at and tell her you are wanting to donate. Another way is to come shopping!! :) Who doesn't love a good garage sale? Ok, ok, I know not all of you are garage sale junkies like I am but hey, come out and see us anyway! Keep an eye out, we will be posting more updates on the sale as it gets closer!

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