Monday, December 5, 2011


I was made aware of this family today. This family is not your average family in any way shape or form. I read one blog post and it drew me in. I ended up going back over two years in her writings. Renee (mom) and Derek (dad) have two living biological children, two who went to be with Jesus and 10 adopted. Roughly two years ago Derek was in a terrible car accident and was killed. Renee is now a single mother to 12 and president of the Orphan Justice Center. Just one year earlier they had posted about a missionary family that had suddenly lost their husband/father and asked for prayer and support for them. Now it's her in that position. Her faith in Christ stuns my heart and encourages my spirit in such deep ways. I have never met this woman, I have never experienced the pain she has felt and I have never faced the challenges she has faced. Yet my heart feels gratitude and compassion for her all at the same time. Here I am getting discouraged or frustrated at minimal speed bumps in our adoption perspective has changed.....greatly. How can I allow such small things shake me? He is faithful!! The faithfulness of Christ in this woman's her children's brings me to tears. While walking down some of the hardest, most painful roads the Lord has been faithful. In every way faithful. God calls us to follow his calling and his purposes regardless of what life brings. This she is still doing. Regardless. HOWEVER, He is faithful to comfort and care for us through it. He is faithful to provide everything we need. He is faithful to love and carry us. We are not on this journey on our own. Where ever you are, whatever you are going through, whatever discouragement or frustration you are going faithful to follow. He IS faithful to complete the work he started in you! (Phil 1:6) it... this is one of my favorite ones. You can read em all, but this one from October really reaches me.

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