Thursday, January 9, 2014

More waiting

Looks like we will be waiting another week. Thank you for continuing to pray with us! We will let you know when we hear more, but for now here is our latest letter from our agency.

Dear Andy & Erin,

As we know families are eagerly awaiting news from Ethiopia’s Parliament, we want to share any updates we receive with you. America World has been seeking clarity and any updates on the time frame for Parliament’s response.  We are now anticipating news from Parliament on Thursday, January 16th. Due to Ethiopian Christmas this week and a Muslim holiday next week, these days will not be counted in the 10 business days originally estimated by Parliament for a response.  Our agency is fasting and praying over the next 3 days for the children in Ethiopia, and we invite you to join us in this.

By Thursday, the 16th, we will send an update unless we receive any news earlier. We do encourage families to hold loosely to the time frames given. Thank you for joining us in prayer.

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