Monday, September 26, 2011

And the process continues!

YAY! Today at 5:05 p.m. we got a phone call from Sarah at awaa. What did she say? We can continue!!!! They are not requiring us to have the full $5,000.00 for stage one! Yay! This means we can get our paper work started as we work on getting the financing. Which means we won't have to wait and prolong the process! This is great news! What is really funny, was that I sat down around 4:45 and typed out an email trying to further explain our finances etc... and when I was about to hit send I lost Internet connection. I thought hmm...I need to stop and wait and just trust that God has it all under control. Sure enough, 30 minutes later I got the call. God is good!


  1. wow...He keeps glorifying Himself

  2. I just found your blog on FB. I had no clue you are adopting! That is just so totally awesome! Not sure if you know but I am adopted so I am all for adoptions! Do I have your permission to post a link to this blog on my blog so I can follow you along on this journey. If not, that's fine, I'll still follow you though! :)

  3. Yes please! Post it wherever you would like! I feel like God may have chosen us to be the parents in this, but he chose all of you to be a huge part of it through prayer! I have a new heart and new eyes for adoption and I am so excited to hear others stories as well. We will have to talk sometime!